• Prince Charles Visiting The Scottish Lime Centre
    Prince Charles Visiting The Scottish Lime Centre
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The Qualities of Natural Stone

No building material has a longer pedigree than stone; after all, the Stone Age was the first recognized period of human culture, and early man used stone not only as a source of invaluable tools but also as a building material of unparalleled strength, durability and versatility. Stone can be used as it occurs naturally, in boulders or random walks and slabs split and shaped by the forces of nature, or it can be worked into precisely cut blocks that slot together as snugly as jigsaw pieces. Above all, it offers the infinite variety that only a natural-occurring material can exhibit.

The earliest use of stone as a building material was probably the casual gathering of loose-lying surface stone to form simple enclosures for defense and to pen animals. It would soon find a use as a paving material for consolidating soft ground, and by Egyptian times records show that it was being used in the design of decorative gardens as well as the construction of many meticulously engineered pyramids and temples of that period. The Greeks and Romans loved their ornamental sacred groves and public gardens, and by the Middle Ages there was a strong tradition of landscape architecture that was to spread across every culture and every continent. In every case, Stone was the predominant structure feature.

Today, Stone is as popular as ever for creating a wide range of constructions, from the humblest garden wall to the most elaborate stone buildings. No longer are stonemasons restricted to using just the type of stone provided by the accident of local geology; they can within reason, obtain whatever type of stone is required so long as they are prepared to pay for the inevitability of high transport costs and one of the densest building periods materials around.

Case Studies

New Build Extension at Trinity Road Edinburgh

Trinity Road, Edinburgh Stonemasons

102 Trinity Road, Edinburgh boasts a delightful ‘B’ listed Victorian Villa and ...

Victorian Villa With Rendering Work Completed

Victorian Villa, Fife

This involved fully understanding the building, its component parts and construction details ...

Loretto School Surrounded By Scaffolding

Lorretto School, Musselburgh

Heritage Masonry is currently the contractor appointed to carry out all maintenance ...

Luggate House in East Lothian

Luggate House, East Lothian

Luggate House is a two and a half storey building constructed of ...

Repair And Maintenance Of Traditional Scottish Buildings

For property owners to be able to repair and maintain traditionally constructed buildings – to keep out adverse weather, preserve normal living conditions and maintain their distinct appearance – it is essential to understand the way in which they are constructed and work. Read our conservation guide.



Edinburgh Trusted Trader

Excellent service from Heritage Masonry. Andy is knowledgeable and informative in equal measure and all his staff were courteous and on schedule. Would gladly use again.

Shimon Mir
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