Stonemasons Scottish Borders

New build sandstone wall

Do you need to restore old and decaying stonework and are looking for a Scottish Borders stonemason?

Heritage Masonry (Scot) Ltd provide a wide range of stonemason services throughout the Scottish Borders including Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose, Selkirk, Galashiels and Hawick. Our time served stonemasons have over 30 years experience in conserving buildings in the Scottish Borders. Our building and restoration of stonework skills include:

Natural Stone Works

This area of stonemasonry includes masonry indents, natural stone steps and platts, stone dressing and carving.

Hydraulic Lime Pointing & Repointing

A lime mortar should always be used with any restoration of natural stone. Lime mortar allows your building to breath and unlike Portland cement mortar will not damage your building over time. Pointing & repointing of stone structures is a basic and important part of a stonemasons work. We’ve developed our expertise over the years to deliver the highest quality finish.

Structural Works

Our work includes structural repairs and alterations to existing buildings, underpinning and crack stitching

Chimney Stone Repairs

Damaged and weathered chimney stacks can lead to expensive masonry repairs bills. This is why you should have these areas regularly inspected every couple of years. When damage does occur our stonemasons can quickly inspect and put into place a plan of action to repair these areas.

Surface Stone Repairs

When the surface of your stonework is decayed, an alternative to stone replacement can often be surface stone repair. We use a lime-based repair composition that is 100% natural without added cement. Our Stonemason Scottish Borders also provide:

  • Storm damage repairs
  • Insurance repairs
  • Boundary walls
  • Cutting, milling, polishing and slabbing services
  • Sandstone entry walls & fences