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Lugatte House East Lothain

Do you require advice from a stonemasons East Lothian? Is your buildings stonework in need of repair or general maintenance?


Heritage Masonry (Scotland) Ltd have been providing stonemasons East Lothian services to residential and commercial buildings for over 25 years. We are an established and experienced stonemason in East Lothian and have completed stonemasonry and lime mortar repairs throughout the area including Musselburgh, Tranent Haddington, North Berwick, East Linton and Dunbar. Our stonework repairs and conservation cover everything from small remedial work to larger multifaceted projects.

Particular examples of work we have completed in East Lothian include Luggate House, near Haddington and Loretto School in Musselburgh.Heritage masonry have been appointed the main contractor for Loretto School and oversee the continued masonry repair and mainenance of all buildings within the campus. Our work on Luggate House involoved remiadial repairs to work that had been previously done on the building using inappropriate materials.

Our stonemasons East Lothians services cover a wide variety of stonemasonry tasks such as:

Structural Work: We are the designated contractor for several Structural Building Engineering firms in Edinburgh and East Lothian. Our work often involves important tasks such as the underpinning, crack stitching, structural building alterations and slap through of historic buildings throughout the area.

Intricately carved Stonework: All stonemasons employed by our company are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of stone design and carving. We have experience of dressing stonework to any shape and size.

Repointing Using Lime Mortar: The proper use of lime mortar on a historic building cannot be underestimated. Lime mortar keeps your building watertight. Lime mortar pointing completes the wall exterior and closes the space around stone or brick on outside walls to make the area watertight. Once complete, the lime mortar pointing functions as a barrier, supporting the movement of moisture and salts back from the main stone and brick properties.

Roughcasting: Our roughcasting services can transform the exterior of your building in an aesthetically correct manner and in doing so can return it to its original condition.

Lime Washing Works: When painting the exterior of a historic building the use of Limewash is essential. Limewash is a simple type of matt paint made from lime and water.

Doff Cleaning: The care and preservation of historic and listed buildings often call for them to be cleaned. A duty of care is required with any level of cleaning. At Heritage Masonry Ltd we always use Doff Cleaning Systems which sympathetically steam cleans stonework with very little or no damage.

Surface Stone Repair: We only use a 100% lime mortar mix when surface repairing stone. This means that it’s cement free and therefore will allow the stonework to breathe and not promote damage to the existing stonework.

Loretto School, East Lothian
Loretto School, East Lothian

When employing the services of Heritage Masonry Ltd, you can be reassured that all our building sites are professionally organised and comply with the latest health and safety regulations. No matter the size of the masonry work needing completing we always treat our customers with the courtesy and respect they deserve.