Edinburgh Stonemasons

Heritage Masonry (Scot) Ltd are educated and collaged in the traditional skills of stone masonry providing a sympathetic repair method to the task in hand working with client budget, whether it be a new build or matching and merging with an existing building, please find the following examples of our workmanship.

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We cover

From being a main contractor to a specialised sub-contractor working with the Architects and Engineers to give a sympathetic match to the existing building.

General maintenance or a strip and rebuild of stone or brick built chimney stack.

Traditional trained Stonemasons carefully cut out the eroded areas with a sympathetic approach, match colour and finish to restore and conserve.

We can repair or completely rebuild as required. Supply stone.

Replacing decayed stone to weatherproof the building.

We offer a service of diagnosing the failure, recommended stone repair method to match stone bond, stone type and lime binder, and aggregate and pointing finish.

We are a nominated contractor for several structural building engineers firms in Edinburgh and The Lothians.

Back in time

Did you know stonemasonry is one of the earliest trades in city history?

In Neolithic times, people learned how to use fire to create quicklime, plasters, and mortars. They used these to custom their homes with mud, straw, or stone, and masonry was born.

The Ancients relied on the stonemason to build the most majestic and long-lasting monuments to their civilisations.

The Egyptians built their pyramids; the Central American civilisation had their step pyramids, the Persians their palaces, the Greeks their temples, and the Romans their public works.

Edinburgh Stonemasons Polished Ashlar Projects

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