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TORC stone cleaning / peel away stone cleaning

How we do it?

The DOFF “Superheated water” system is very different action to other “steam” or “hot water” systems currently available on the market and should not be confused with them.

It uses “superheated” water which exits the nozzle, in a vortex pattern. The system uses a normal water supply, which then enters a high-pressure pump unit; here the pressure is increased to the required level before entering the “Hotbox”.

The pressure can be adjusted by the operator and is independent of temperature settings. With the heater unit, the temperature can be increased up to 150C, before it passes through a heat resistant nozzle. This nozzle directs the super-heated water onto the surface to be cleaned in a scraper like a fan. It is then a case of moving “the scraper” over whatever is being cleaned in an even and methodical manner.

We cover

Comprehensive study to determine which system suits best, DOFF®  or TORC.

DOFF requires a clean water supply. TORC requires low air pressure, and an inert granulate which is applied to the target surface using a swirling vortex motion.

Removing paint using water-based paint softener (a nontoxic substance that can be neutralised with water) before the start of the cleaning project. Recommended for cleaning wood works.

Gently removes organic matter, like mosses/lichens/algae’s, from most surface (especially stonework, wood and brickwork).

The more aggressive way to clean surfaces. Recommended to clean concrete and steel work.

Environmentally Friendly

DOFF and TORC systems can be used to remove organic matter (mosses/lichens/algae’s) from most surface especially stonework and brickwork, without damaging the fabric of the building.

The heat of the water also helps to kill the spores of organic matter thus increasing the length of time needed for cleaning. This does not, however, stop all regrowth.

To do this then a biocide of some type will be required. Advice can be given on this after contacting us with your requirements.

This system is also used to remove paints from stonework and brickwork – in some cases, a paint softener will also need to be applied to the surface to assist in removal. This system is very kind to the substrate that is being cleaned and is therefore liked by listed building officers throughout the country.

Heritage Masonry also uses abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting.

This system consists on forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. We manly use the system to clean blast concrete and steel work.

We provide quality sandblasting services to clients throughout Scotland. We use a low-pressure sand blasting system which respect the specific materials used in the boating industry, and allows efficient stripping and deoxidation as part of the upkeep  program for your boat’s hull.

When the weather is getting cooler,it’s almost time to pull the boats out of the water and give them them a clean up over the winter months. Our highly skilled team will give the hull a light sandblast in preparation for anti fouling.

DOFF Edinburgh cleaning with water

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