Loretto School

Pinkie Mill, Musselburgh

Heritage Masonry is currently the contractor appointed to carry out all maintenance and repair works on an ‘on call’ basis at the school.  The contract requires that Heritage permanently have a minimum of four stone conservators on site at the school working under the direction of the Loretto School Estates Manager.

This minimum workforce is augmented as and when required, and as and when instructed by the Estates Manager.

Typical work is as follows:

  • The repointing, in lime mortar, of stone façade to all elevations.
  • Consolidation and repairs to stonework chimneys, including stone dressing and indenting.
  • The overhaul and replacement of ashlar stonework where necessary.

All of the above has to be carried out in a carefully planned sequence as the school has to remain fully operational during the execution of all works.  Reference re this project can be obtained from

Mr Charlie Leggat (Telephone 0131 653 4405)
Estates Manager
Loretto School

For any information or advice, phone us on 0131 440 4645 – Monday – Friday, or visit us on our social profiles on Facebook, TwitterInstagramLinkedinGoogle+ and Pinterest