Andy Innes

This is the 3rd summer running out the team is back on one of our favourite locations. An imposing classical mansion built in 1759 by architect Robert Adam.

Located 1 mile south-west of Kirkliston in West Lothian in central Scotland, and currently held by the Hog family.

The state was originally a property of Duncan Dundas, Lord Lyon of Arms from 1452 to 1470, of the Dundas family. Then passed by marriage to the Dalrymples in 1699, and was the home of Sir John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair who died in 1747. He was a Field Marshall and British Ambassador to France. Later on, the land was sold to the current landowner, the Hog family, who built the mansion which Heritage Masonry Scotland have the honour to maintain and make sure it stand safely.

Our task for this year is restoring the Walled Garden walls which are build from field and river boulder. The walls have been previously repaired with cement mortar which has failed, so we are removing specificity to the coping stones and upper half of the wall to accommodate the budget our client gets from Historic Scotland each year, so “wall head consolidation” is a key factor and a priority.

GLM Surveys are responsible for supplying the lime mortar specifications and managing this contract.

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