Andy Innes

Loretto school & Heritage Stone Masonry Scot long lasting friends.

Heritage Masonry Scot is no stranger to creating stonework for our clients. This project was commissioned by one of our longest friends/clients.

Loretto School, our client for 15 years now commissioned us with sandstone supply, dressing and fitting 2no. memorial plaques.

Loretto School creating stonework

One type of stonemasonry we are familiar with is memorial masons. These refer to the masons that make headstones and carve the inscriptions on them.

In medieval times, stonemasons would serve a seven-year apprenticeship

Today’s stonemason’s training is quite comprehensive and is mixed in work and in the classroom. It’s not enough to have hands-on skills only anymore. You must also have knowledge of the types of stones as well as its best uses and how to work it as well as how to fix it in place.

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