Lithomex Stone Repairs Edinburgh – Lime Mortar Stone Restoration Edinburgh

1) Edinburgh,Perth,Fife,Scottish Borders  Lithomex Lime Mortar Repairs & restoration carried out by a tutor of The Scottish Lime Centre


Lithomex lime mortar stone repairs or more commonly known as (the plastic repair) is a repair method we would recommend where surface damage only is evident and the stone element still has its structural integrity intact.


We aim to cut back the delaminating section of stone to a solid strata, then build out in lime mortar and finish coat with Lithomex Lime Mortar to emulate the original profile, finish and colour, giving the face of the stone back its vapour permeability, strength and durability to contend with the elements


Our leading stone restorer David McPherson also provides tutoring at the SLCT for stone restoration works. In conjunction with Masons Mortar and SLCT we have over the last few years been involved in promoting Lithomex lime mortar repairs as a less invasive approach to stone restoration.


Edinburgh, Perth, Fife, Scottish Borders Lithomex Lime Mortar Stone Repairs


2) Examples of the Edinburgh lithomex lime mortar stone repair method before & after


Edinburgh Lithomex is a specially formulated mortar based on natural hydraulic lime and aggregates and can be used for the repair of traditional stone buildings to form decorative features such as mouldings and cornices, where without repair would result in undue weathering of surrounding masonry, leading to accelerated decay of otherwise sound elements. In addition, they offer a significant advantage over wholesale masonry replacement.


3) Examples of different types of the Edinburgh lithomex lime mortar surface finishes

Stone Masonry/Lithomex Masonry Finishes


Clinton Road, Edinburgh (before & after)


Coatbridge Terrace, Edinburgh


Bearsden, Glasgow


North Castle Street, Edinburgh – Client: Sundial Developments


St Melville School, Edinburgh – Client: Erskine Stewart’s, Melville School (Featured with Masons Mortars ltd)


Wosley Terrace, Edinburgh – before & after (Featured with Masons Mortars ltd)