Rather cald start to 2015 but Heritage masonry Scot are in the swing of things

February 2, 2015
Rather cald start to 2015 but Heritage masonry Scot are in the swing of things putting to practice the education gained from The Scottish lime centre trust Winter working courses .. See below one of our working progress jobs  @ 42 Polworth terrace,stone masonry boundry retaining wall which makes up part garden stone wall and part retaining stone wall to the scottish canels so as you can imangine the other partys involved : Client /  Scottish canels   /Historic scotland    Sepa   /Forth canoe club boathouse.
The wall was leaning to a dangerous point off the upward plumb position towards the Forth canoe club boathouse so we had to instal a structural scaffolding buttress to shore the wall while we safely reduced the stone wall to ground level ,to allow this we had to remove the cladding to the side of the boathouse.    The walling completley down ,wall heads cleaned and consolidated we are now rebuilding the stone walling using lime mortar and layaside stone. finshed job to follow See More

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